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The absolute worst way/place to have sex

At the scene of an accident In the confessional On a skateboard In the flying cages

Started by Iverneil

23 Sep 11, 2014
Reply by JJJ23

Alarm clocks.

My alarm clock went off at 7:32 am today, a sunday. (I have a nexus 7 as my alarm clock).   I have absolutely no idea why.  So I checked t…

Started by Rotwang

5 Aug 28, 2014
Reply by theDIRTYmidget.©

The absolute worst thing you could find on your genitals? ---Results

Gold "a penis suicide note" -mellowpuma          ( I was right here, he should have talked to me) Silver "A crown of thorns "- MacS…

Started by Iverneil

0 Aug 13, 2014

The absolute worst thing you could find on your genitals?

Me Poisonous tree frog Tractor trailer

Started by Iverneil

23 Aug 10, 2014
Reply by Codename: Spydergirl

Your theme song

For me, it's easy and obvious. Rotwang's theme song is obviously the "matador song" Also know as Don Rickles introduction song: https://ww…

Started by Rotwang

14 Jul 19, 2014
Reply by toofpick

Winners to Losers (Results)

Honorable mentions:   Lucy in the Sky with LSD --Rotwang  (absurdly funny)   Every time you go away, you take a pack of fleas with you. -MP…

Started by Iverneil

0 Jun 29, 2014

Fractured Sayings RESULTS

First Everything happens for a raisin.   MPG Second Look before you leak.  MacSpruce Third It's not my cup of teat.  FroDoh Honorable men…

Started by Iverneil

0 May 30, 2014

Winners to Losers

Take the lyrics of any song and turn it into a song to or about social outcasts. ♫♪  I've got a bad face for loving you ♪♫" ♫♪  Killing m…

Started by Iverneil

16 Sep 28, 2014
Reply by Frodoh

The absolute worst thing to say to a cop -RESULTS

First: "What night is this ticket good for?" -Rosedude Second: "doughnut try to stop me." -mellowpuma Third: "Can we make it quick, offi…

Started by Iverneil

0 May 15, 2014

Fractured Sayings

 Take a proverb, saying, quote, cliche, etc. and alter a word or words to make it sound stupid. To each his home He has all his ducks in t…

Started by Iverneil

13 May 15, 2014
Reply by Rotwang


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