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The absolute worst way to die

Burned with a giant magnifying glass.

Started by Iverneil

8 Jul 16, 2019
Reply by JJJ23

What’s bugging you?

We all have different things that get under our skin, many times to an extreme irritation. Certain things set some people off have no effe…

Started by Iverneil

9 Feb 19, 2020
Reply by Ian

-er Than A Mother Fucker Game

You got your noun and then you stick -er than a mother fucker on the end. Go!

Started by JJJ23

19 Oct 6, 2018
Reply by JJJ23

If Anybody Needs Me I'll Be (some place) Doing (something funny(usually selling t-shirts))*Now A Contest!

I've been doing this on Open Mic and I thought I'd make a thing for it here and if anyone else wants to do some. So here's this.

Started by JJJ23

26 Oct 19, 2018
Reply by JJJ23

pitch a tent pole movie franchise

pitch a tent pole movie francise?  yes, do it.  why haven't you done it yet?

Started by mellowpuma

4 Apr 9, 2018
Reply by JJJ23


Change one word in a scary movie that makes it not scary

Started by Iverneil

9 Apr 5, 2018
Reply by MacSpruce

Coin a Phrase

Give me that sweet nonsense people!

Started by JJJ23

14 Dec 13, 2017
Reply by Iverneil

TDM Died??!? General discussion.

Mr. Bruce Ricker, aka theDIRTYmidget© died??!  General discussion about TDM for anyone who remembers him. He was off of CW here for a few y…

Started by Rotwang

19 Oct 26, 2017
Reply by Rotwang


If you know a thing or some things about something that other people don't know, this is the place to tell them the thing or some things ab…

Started by MadAdam

64 Sep 4, 2019
Reply by JJJ23

What happened on Twin Peaks?

If anybody wants to talk about the Twin Peaks Return, what happened, did you like it, here's a place for that.

Started by JJJ23

5 Jan 16, 2018
Reply by KariGrant


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