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I'm Very Rich, See!?

How to show people you have more money than them, and are therefore better.

Started by JJJ23

54 Mar 20, 2018
Reply by JJJ23


"Google Earth camel ver 1.0 didn't work, so they found a Bedouin."  AKAAB

Started by Ian

54 May 31, 2015
Reply by AKAAB

I JUST WON THE TRILLION DOLLAR LOTTERY SO...(insert extravagant action here)

I paid to have Loch Ness drained to find that monster once and for all.

Started by Tom O'Brien

51 Sep 25, 2012
Reply by MadAdam

What's their occupation?

Pick any member(s) profile name & deduce what they might do for a living. For example: hygienist FroDoh!..Exclusiv…

Started by Buttermilk

48 Nov 9, 2012
Reply by Shag

Signs Signs Everywhere There's Signs

Post 'em here

Started by PhilMcCracken

48 Sep 8, 2012
Reply by Shag

Image Scrimmage Winners Circle

To participate in the Image Scrimmage simply post your best new works over HERE.  They can be inspired from one of our caption contests or…

Started by Comedy Whirled

47 Jul 3, 2013
Reply by Comedy Whirled

What Gets On Your Nerves?

They say it's the little shit that will do you in. There are some things that aggravate us and we realize that it's really no big deal...bu…

Started by Iverneil

46 Sep 28, 2012
Reply by toofpick

The Absolute Worst Fairy Tales

Little Fred: Riding in the hood Goldihawn and the three beers Slow White

Started by Iverneil

44 Mar 20, 2017
Reply by Rotwang

The NeverEnding Lyrical Story

Three lines MAX.  The fourth line will fuck this all up.  Make it recognizable.  Don't be the dick who makes us Google obscure T.S.O.L.…

Started by Caption Whirled

40 Aug 1, 2012
Reply by Buttermilk

Good Websites

What are some good websites out there?   Besides CW of course!

Started by Michaelred73

40 Feb 18, 2014
Reply by MPG


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