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Caption on Photoshop this #6: The Sixening.

Caption on Photoshop this #6: The Sixening.   You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a thought or speech bubble to go al…

Started by mellowpuma

5 Nov 1, 2010
Reply by mellowpuma

Photoshop this #6 The Sixening!

Photoshop this #6 The Sixening!   Hello. Your job is to photoshop this, then post your results.  I'm trying something a bit new here, and I…

Started by mellowpuma

5 Oct 25, 2010
Reply by mellowpuma

Joanie Loves Chachi, but Mr. C is no longer.

Tom Bosley will forever be identified by people from my generation as: "Mr. C" and "The guy that sold out by trying to sell crappy online…

Started by Krass

1 Oct 19, 2010
Reply by Ian


UPDATE: If you have trouble leaving comments try using Safari or Safari Chrome.  That seems to solve the problem. Here's how to add th…

Started by GOZER

71 Oct 14, 2010
Reply by Ian

Whirled WILL be a new home!

I Like It! A Lot to do! Functionality is great! People here are cool. Whaddya Think?

Started by Shag

23 Oct 12, 2010
Reply by PumpyFumblemilkskin

Capitalizing on 'Just Sayin'

Dude- Don't try and holler at me in traffic when you didn't even let me go first at the 4-way stop sign.   Just sayin.    

Started by E Wu

10 Oct 2, 2010
Reply by Dave McBrayer

Greg Giraldo is Dead

Greg Giraldo, one of my favorite comics, died today. I'm going to get hammered. 

Started by Mofo Stro

1 Sep 30, 2010
Reply by chuckkling

Road Rage 101

How cool is this? On ComedyWhirled while on a road trip. Unlike some dumbasses, however, I'm not it's OK to be on the Internet…

Started by E Wu

15 Sep 29, 2010
Reply by sabre419

The ones we love...

      Why is it, that, we treat the ones we love worse than we treat a total stranger? For example: When I am in public, and I have to fart…

Started by Shag

2 Sep 23, 2010
Reply by mellowpuma

I love this NEW place full of OLD friends!

NICE work People!

Started by Dave McBrayer

2 Sep 20, 2010
Reply by Shag


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