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I'm a sucker for anything funny but sad. My favorite is Royal Tenenbaums. A close second is Fletch. And last is a revolving door. Sometimes The Departed, sometimes Igby Goes Down, All Coen Brothers, Basquiat, etc...

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Recently, "The Help"  compelling depiction of black women "help" during the civil rights movement, brilliantly acted  thoughtful & funny as well

"Bringing Up Baby" was pretty darn awesome.  

All my movies of favorite time:  (see top ten, then add these after, not in this order though)

"Dinner for Schucks" was very good.

"Wet Hot American Summer" Also.

"A Fish Called Wanda", man good. 

"Extract" Just watch it.

"Local Hero"  a two hour vacation in a can.

"The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"  ---- "time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so"

"The Hogfather" a little known made for Brittish TV gem.  if you liked the above, just do it.

"Bowfinger" - you know why.

"Groundhod Day" Ditto.

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" c'mon too easy.

"Mars Attacks"   Ditto.

"The Jerk" -

"The Three Amigos" -

"The Hudsucker Proxy" -

"Team America World Police" - you had me at two minute long vomit scene.

"Ferris Bueler's Day Off" - I had a friend who WAS cameron. In the flesh, sans the character development.

"The Princess Bride"  - catch the words to the theme song at the end.  Just do It. (and don't miss the "true love" drinking game - for the uber jaded)

"The Big Lebowski" / "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"  Combine them for the most awesome movie night ever.  They just go together well.  I can't explain it, I'm not a movie scientist.

"I (heart) Huckabees" - the endearing side of hipsters laid bare.

"kiss kiss bang bang" - see above.

"The Wrong Guy"  a David Foley vehicle  from the kids in the hall, made by hollywood video, out of print.

"The Woman Chaser" a Patrick Warburton vehicle, again made by hollywood video, out of print.

"The Man Who Knew Too Little"  a Bill Murray vehicle, again made by hollywood video, out of print.

(redbox bought hollywood video, so you can rent these, but be prepared to wait)

"Run Ronnie Run" a those guys from Mr. Show vehicle, so good.

"Donnie Darko" This is a comedy, with a  psychological horror movie veneer.

the "leap of faith" section (which excludes the movie "leap of faith"

"Black Sheep"  a grossly overlooked gross horror comedy.

"Nothing to Loose" - Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins, it works, trust me.

"Coneheads" watch it again, then look at me with that condescending looky look.

"Borat" I don't care what anybody thinks, this movie is a face punch of funny.

"The Hangover" Something very close to this happened to me and a friend of mine.  No shit.  See above.

"Elf" Jesus, what is it with you people! Can't I enjoy anything not sanctioned by the dominars of fashon?

"Bubble Boy"  O Ye of Little Faith, E Tu Brute? 

"Sweet and Lowdown" Sean Pen is funny?  Wow.  That's like watching a cat do math.

"UHF" Yeah, I like Weird Al, what about it?  

Soo ... that's what's on my shelf.

Great old  Indie 1999

Sweet And Lowdown is also one of my favorites. "I took you to shoot the rats"

Concur on Sweet & Lowdown. Samantha Morton mute. Genius.

toofpick said:

Sweet And Lowdown is also one of my favorites. "I took you to shoot the rats"


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