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We all have different things that get under our skin, many times to an extreme irritation. Certain things set some people off have no effect on other. Some of mine are, the people seated behind you on a plane rushing up and blocking you in, those people in the grocery line that pay in change then read the receipt.

So what’s bugging you?

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People looking down at their bloody phones while driving.  People that say "It's all good."  People that say "legit".  People that tailgate. 

People that pluralize a golfer's name to make some sort of half-ass point:  "He may not be as good as the Koepkas or Johnstons or McIlroys, but he's good enough to win any given tournament."

People that pose the question:  "Are UFOs real?"  The question is idiotic.  An Unidentified Flying Object does not automatically equate to Alien Craft from another galaxy or dimension or parallel universe.  It's just that: an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.  Whether or not it's real is irrelevant unless the observer is schizophrenic and prone to hallucinations.  The proper question to ask is "How many UFOs are alien spacecraft?"

These kids these days. No ,but lately people saying "this song slaps". I know there's all sorts of slang and all but that one seems like people should be aware of how stupid it sounds.

Time.  Time is bugging me. 


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