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If anybody wants to talk about the Twin Peaks Return, what happened, did you like it, here's a place for that.

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I think when cooper went into the past he stopped Laura from being killed. When she had been dead her soul/spirit was trapped in the black lodge just as Cooper's had been though he never died. When Cooper "crosses over" he thinks he's going to an altered present that the ripple effect has taken place in where Laura never died, and so everything is slightly different. He really goes into Laura's dream from when she was 17 not long before she would have died, which is why the names are all different. He doesn't understand this, and can never completely control himself, because a character in someone else's dream isn't in control. When he takes her to her old home to meet her mother at the end Laura can here her mother calling from inside the house to wake her up, Laura knows it's a dream and that when she wakes she will still have a father who rapes her and a mother who ignores it. She screams and the screen goes black. My take is that she wakes up at 17 and goes on to be killed by her father and everything is what it was because she wanted to die in the end, so she let's herself die having been warned in her dream.

It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine.


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