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If anybody wants to talk about the Twin Peaks Return, what happened, did you like it, here's a place for that.

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I think when cooper went into the past he stopped Laura from being killed. When she had been dead her soul/spirit was trapped in the black lodge just as Cooper's had been though he never died. When Cooper "crosses over" he thinks he's going to an altered present that the ripple effect has taken place in where Laura never died, and so everything is slightly different. He really goes into Laura's dream from when she was 17 not long before she would have died, which is why the names are all different. He doesn't understand this, and can never completely control himself, because a character in someone else's dream isn't in control. When he takes her to her old home to meet her mother at the end Laura can here her mother calling from inside the house to wake her up, Laura knows it's a dream and that when she wakes she will still have a father who rapes her and a mother who ignores it. She screams and the screen goes black. My take is that she wakes up at 17 and goes on to be killed by her father and everything is what it was because she wanted to die in the end, so she let's herself die having been warned in her dream.

i was with you up until the "he goes into laura's dream" part.  i think they've gone into an alternate reality, our reality.   after mullholland drive it's tempting to think that, but lynch isn't one to repeat himself (wherein half the movie is a dream of one of the characters)

i think the next season, if there is one, will be them getting back into the idiocyncratic dream world of twin peaks.  

venturing farther out on a limb, i think the twin peaks we've seen is the idea of the town missoula montana that david lynch remembers from growing up in the 1960's.  i think where they've gone is more similar to the present day metro area of missoula.

i thought laura screamed at the end because she realized the fundamental fabric of reality had changed in a way she could not understand.  also, the actress is really good at screaming, so it'd be a waste if she didn't do so.

lynch seems to delight in taking us out of the twin peaks that filled the 90's tv show, and ushering us ever so gently into a scary closet of nightmares where we don't want to look.

i did like the "this is all a dream" coop scene.   

i wasn't sure what to make of the man and his wife arguing about leaving the house to look for their son stuff.   seemed like lynch was pushing a lot of boundaries, but also pushing a lot of filler.  22 hours of television, sheesh, not sure i blame him though.  let's watch another 7 minute long band set at the bang bang bar!  it was pretty good music though, i didn't mind that.  kinda noticeable filler though, but cool too.

the big new element was that the atomic bomb going off in the 40's, let extra dimensional entities, like bob, into the twin peaks reality.  which, as coop became aware of,  is a dream world.  makes me think of how the atomic bomb changed science fiction.

idaknow, as soon as you think you know where lynch is going, that's when you know you're wrong.  so we're both probably wrong.  my hunch is that we're going to see 1990's characters, which are call backs to people of the 1960's interacting with people and places more typical to our current reality.  like how shelly couldn't comprehend cell phones until the very end of the show.

if there was a theme to this season, it was a dissonance between the past and the present.  also,  how the expectations we held of the future, in the past, are almost mechanically subverted by machinations beyond our comprehension.  

It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine.

To me it's a logic/time loop. In the last scene Cooper says "What year is this?". That combined with Laura hearing her mother calling to wake her up freaks her out and wakes her up. When you're dreaming and you begin to think of something definite ,like the year, it takes you out of it and you'll wake up soon after. There's a still over the credits of Laura and Dale in the lodge with her whispering in his ear. I think it's saying they're always going to end up in the lodge, they always were going to. I see it as a story of a guy trying to save a girl who doesn't want to be saved. 

A David Lynch Mob. That's what happened.


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