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Change the words of a song and make it wrong.

I heard it through the carbine

Papa was a rolling stroke

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I Herd it Through the Barbed-Wire

The Way We Whore

Tommy Gun

Lucy in the Sty with Demons

Goodbye Yellow Prick Load

Honey by Bobby Goldsboro. Seriously, the

Even Todd Leopold agrees.

Enter Sandbank

Shake It Often

Blurted Lines

Grow Your Own Whey

Iran (So Far Away)

Fart Vaped Box

539-4728 (Jenny I Got Your Lumber)

Tumbling Lice

Hey Prude

Twist and Pout

She's Got Betty Davis Theighs

Some offerings for the holiday season (and regional variants):

Jiggle Balls

Angels We Have Heard When High

Wanking In A Winter Wonderland

God Rest Ye Merry Genitals

I Came Upon A Midnight Queer

We Vishnu A Hare Krishna (India)

O Come All Ye A Face-full (Japan)

The First Time Ever I Gnaw Your Face ...sung by the Zombies


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