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      Why is it, that, we treat the ones we love worse than we treat a total stranger? For example: When I am in public, and I have to fart, I hold it in. But if I am with my family, and I have to fart, I proceed to fog up the living room.
What kinda stuff won't you do in public, but you do at home?

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Yoda impression. It only seems to turn on about 1% of the female public. That's a 99% decrease from 1981's numbers.
1. Take a crap, but that's the bathroom.
2. Talkin' sweet about nothin', cookie I think you're TAME!
3. Mock who ever I find handy until the point that I think they're about to break out a gun from abject humiliation, then say ... "I'm just kiddin'!"
4. Be naked.
5. Listen to music from a previous decade non-ironically. (see #2)
6. Punch things I don't like, such as recliner cusions that give me sas.
7. Be as increibly racist as I can without commiting a hate crime.
8. Find new ethnicities to hate, for abject reasons which I choose to keep to myself.
9. Two words: Felate Satan.
10. Knitting.



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