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If you know a thing or some things about something that other people don't know, this is the place to tell them the thing or some things about those things.

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Did you know that in instances of severe flooding in urban areas, homeless people will cling together, forming a large ball with their bodies, to float on the surface, thereby ensuring the survival of the colony. It is advised not to come in contact with these floating colonies.

Behaviorally speaking, the closest relative, we as humans have, in the animal kingdom, is a subspecies of Squirrel known as the "Wisconsin Brown".

The microscopic creatures that live in our eyebrows read everything we read and sometimes report our browsing history to the C.I.A.

If you follow Hurricane Irma's path on CNN then the storm doesn't exist for you. "Your kids aren't drowning, FAKE NEWS!"

When you are in a hurry to get somewhere you will come upon slower than normal vehicles driven by people who are either lost or just plain slow.

If no one's looking you can just take things and it's fine. I mean it's all just stuff.

What people refer to as "claws" on animals are actually their "fingernails and toenails" but theirs are pointier than ours.


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