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After 2 years and several hundred thousand dollars worth of exhaustive research, not a single instance of a milkshake bringing a boy to a yard has ever been documented.

however ice cream trucks are a different story.

if you ain't 'fraid of no ghost,  you lack fear toward the absence of a ghost. 

basically, if a ghost fails to materialize, you will not become afraid.

seemingly, the speaker is comforted by the presence of a ghost, and expressing that his courage will live on, should this ghost recede.

the notion that this catchphrase would be associated with banishing a ghost is weird as hell. 

it seems more fit to the pottery scene in the movie ghost, than the main theme of the movie ghostbusters.

also, it's a fun song to karaoke.

He wasn't 'fraid of being sued by Huey Lewis either but maybe should have been as it turned out.

they settled out of court in 1995.   rumor had it the amount of the original settlement was in the neighborhood of 5 million.   lewis breached the confidentiality of the settlement in 2001, and parker is the one that pressed a lawsuit. 

so, if he "wasn't 'fraid of no lawsuit", then he'd be unafraid of the absence of a lawsuit,  so he'd not be afraid of not being sued.  which is to say, he had no lawsuit fetish.  hmmmmm.

in 2004, studio executives admitted that they had sent parker a clip of the movie with lewis's "I want a new drug" playing in the background for inspiration.  they gave parker all of 3 days to write the theme song.  really.  the executives had asked lewis to write the theme song first, but he declined.

in 2013 parker sued emi / sony / atv music, claiming that his contract stated he get 75% of the proceeds of the song.  apparently it has made over 20 million, and he hasn't gotten the agreed upon amount.

also, huey lewis might have  -  "been inspired by" -  this 1979 song "pop music" by the band "m" in the first place (listen around 54 seconds):



two weeks after halloween, any remaining halloween candy is not technically considered candy anymore.  at that point, it becomes a physical manifestation of sadness.

the term "maintenance engineer" only applies if a mop is used which requires calculations and finely tuned adjustments.  due to the rarity of "ultramops" only 11 true maintenance engineers reside within the americas. 

jay leno has been hospitalized for his taste in cars.  the last time they had to remove 11 pounds of paint chips and upholstery piping from his lower intestine.

if you really took a shower, you'd need a very big bag.

a cattle drover drives cattle.  cowboys, therefore, live in a state of immediate past tense which is difficult for the rest of us to imagine.

There's a growing groundswell of support to create a national holiday for America's unsung heroes: "The Fourth Responders" The people who show up at accident and disaster scenes after the paparazzi leaves and all the glitz and glamour has been showered on responders 1-3. Putting all thoughts of personal safety aside, they sweep up the broken glass and sprinkle kitty litter on the spilled blood and mucus and stuff.


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