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If you know a thing or some things about something that other people don't know, this is the place to tell them the thing or some things about those things.

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tacocats once roamed the fertile plains of new jersey, but this was before they built the turnpike.

there was once a point in american politics were people who had different ideas were not treated like infants who needed to be stopped from eating their own fecies.  back then they were simply murdered.

to be " bitchin' " is a good thing.  to be a "bitch"  is a bad thing.  therefore adjectives are better than nouns.

it is impossible to enjoy a rerun of the tv show seinfeld, because you will remember what happened in every episode within 4 minutes.  this is why jerry seinfeld is now in such dire financial trouble. 

the movie goonies was based on a true story, except the asian kid "data".  that part was invented from whole cloth.  

there are so many songs about rainbows because they are pretty, also, there is nothing on the other side, they are a visual effect of refracted light.  also, frogs are silly.

There's some stuff on the other side, c'mon man.


If you shoot a bunch of people you will be talked about for no less than 2 weeks and then reset.

Your milkshake may bring all the boys to the yard, but it's no better than mine. #AllMilkShakesMatter

Flashlights are called flashlights because the lightbulbs on the early versions lasted, on average, .07 seconds, then you had to buy a new one. After they solved that problem they were going to change the name to On or Off Light but that would've meant throwing away a lot of paperwork and packaging that was already printed so they just let it ride.

Snakeskins that have been shed taste just like pork rinds.


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