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Mr. Bruce Ricker, aka theDIRTYmidget© died??!  General discussion about TDM for anyone who remembers him. He was off of CW here for a few years, I guess that mighta been for health reasons. Ug.  

General discussion. 

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It was kind of a gut punch seeing that Bruce had passed the other day. When some people die you can use the old cliché "The world's a lesser place without them". With Bruce though, it's the truth. He made so many people laugh just on FOD and CW, I can't imagine how many he did that for in his personal life. I remember first reading his caps and thinking "dude's a perv", but it didn't take long at all to realize that he was a comedic genius. I didn't know him as well as a lot of the other people from the early days, but we messaged back and forth a bit and he was genuinely a great person. His persona was so cool and well known that we could use it in our captions. As far as I know, he liked it. In the beginning I wouldn't post raunchier caps but after reading his stuff for a while, mine seemed kinda tame. One time I posted a cap that I thought was borderline over the line creepy so I added (TDM, too much?) and of course he messaged back (not enough). Here are a few things I found on The Wayback Machine. There's a bunch of old FOD stuff there but it's hit or miss. Well, Rest In Peace, Brother, and if there is a Heaven, I'm sure you're up there keeping God.......slightly uncomfortable. 

Yes, as far as his sister is concerned. She posted it on fb, and I tagged 3 people on Facebook that I knew from here. 
This is such a bummer, I'm so sad. I've hurt from laughter from TDM.


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