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Mr. Bruce Ricker, aka theDIRTYmidget© died??!  General discussion about TDM for anyone who remembers him. He was off of CW here for a few years, I guess that mighta been for health reasons. Ug.  

General discussion. 

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It was kind of a gut punch seeing that Bruce had passed the other day. When some people die you can use the old cliché "The world's a lesser place without them". With Bruce though, it's the truth. He made so many people laugh just on FOD and CW, I can't imagine how many he did that for in his personal life. I remember first reading his caps and thinking "dude's a perv", but it didn't take long at all to realize that he was a comedic genius. I didn't know him as well as a lot of the other people from the early days, but we messaged back and forth a bit and he was genuinely a great person. His persona was so cool and well known that we could use it in our captions. As far as I know, he liked it. In the beginning I wouldn't post raunchier caps but after reading his stuff for a while, mine seemed kinda tame. One time I posted a cap that I thought was borderline over the line creepy so I added (TDM, too much?) and of course he messaged back (not enough). Here are a few things I found on The Wayback Machine. There's a bunch of old FOD stuff there but it's hit or miss. Well, Rest In Peace, Brother, and if there is a Heaven, I'm sure you're up there keeping God.......slightly uncomfortable. 

Yes, as far as his sister is concerned. She posted it on fb, and I tagged 3 people on Facebook that I knew from here. 
This is such a bummer, I'm so sad. I've hurt from laughter from TDM.

Gonna miss that guy. He welcomed me to FOD and talked me into CW. He knew what was funny. I know he was into acting a bit. I was watching a movie, the Mad Max remake I think and I went, hey I know that guy! It's TDM! I was one of the lucky ones. We had a few "real" conversations on FOD. He was encouraging and candid when I posted about getting a pacemaker. Mostly, he inspired the funny in all who knew him. He was the road less traveled and as the poet said, "That made all the difference." RIP, friend. <3

Not much I can add that hasn't already been said. Bruce was brilliant, hilarious and, despite his raunchy persona, a fine and decent human being. Short of stature but a towering talent, he was our very own Little Big Man. Thanks for all the laughs, Bruce. We'll miss You☺xo.

Well, this sucks the big one.  Every time I thought I was diving too deep into depraved captions, TDM would give me props for reaching his level.

My favorite:

At 2:52pm on January 2, 2015, theDIRTYmidget.© said…

“... urinal screen to catch the fetus ...”

I love you, and we are now siblings.



Rest in peace, sir.

The last time I communicated with Bruce we discussed the idea of it becoming 'theDIRTYmidget©'s Comedy Whirled, complete with a graphic of him doing something with the CW logo header.  He said he was also working on his own website but wasn't sure what to do with it.  Then he disappeared from here over a year ago.   We had numerous conversations about CW's legacy on the www, how it should always be around, like the 'Historical Documents' from GALAXY QUEST, an archive of free-range humiliation and humor.  Though he may be removed from his body, we can all delight in his body of work left behind here. 

(Changed my profile pic to one that TDM made for me)


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