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Ok, here's a game. Back when there were video stores you'd see Steven Seagal movies and a lot of the time on the box it would say Steven Seagal is Under Siege or Above the Law or whatever the title of the movie was. So the game Steven Seagal is... and then a funny movie title. (correction: those movie boxes didn't have the word is, but they looked like they could have. you get it.)

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Steven Seagal is "Always Hungry"

Steven Seagal is "A Fake Asian Man"

Steven Seagal is "Looking for Work"

Steven Seagal is "Not Related to George Segal"

Steven Seagal is "Unforgiven". 

Steven Seagal is "Swimming to Cambodia". 

Steven Seagal is "12 Angry Men". 

Under No Pressure to Continue Working

A Clear and Present Danger to Himself and Others

Steven Seagal is Over the Hill

Steven Seagal is Overweight & Under the Influence

Steven Seagal is An Unwanted Man


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