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To participate in the Image Scrimmage simply post your best new works over HERE.  They can be inspired from one of our caption contests or anything else.  If a particular theme catches fire and spawns a new meme so be it!  Once every Full Moon we'll honor the funniest ones here in the Winner's Circle and announce the winner of the Comedy Whirled T-shirt!



Vol. VII - Crashing the Oscars

Vol VI - Pepper Spraying the Whirled

Vol. V - Fat Axl's New Band

Vol. IV - Human Celebripede

Vol. III - Tigercat

Vol. II - Truth In Advertising

Vol. I - Stars We'd Like To See Danced With

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Domestic Cats in the Year 3000
New Sports that Almost Made it into the 2012 Summer Games

I'm still married to Fat Axl's New Band.  The possibilities are endless.  Someone's bound to choke on a ham sammich or something.


I vote this up.

A Celebrity Mural.

How about that UC Davis cop who did the pepper spraying? I've seen some on the web but I think our members could do a better job.

Great Idea.  This is from the LA Times:

This one would be easy to extract the cop from:

Anyone have any bright ideas for Image Scrimmage #7?

 Anything shark jumping related. This is a recent poll and I believe the topic has relevance or a lack of it, depending on your stance. That leaves a lot of jumping off points.

or the direct route down nostalgia boulevard.

Someone else better start pitching ideas...


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