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Change one word in a scary movie that makes it not scary

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A Dreamless Sleep on Elm Street 

Friday the 14th

Tulipmary's Baby


Adult's Play

An Exorcist 

Gums (Jaws)

The Dining

Casting Call


The Game Centipede, With No Humans Involved

Zeitgeist (wait, that is scary)

Zeitgeist is scary indeed – and brilliant! 

the 46'th, pence

let the right leg in.

the science of the lambada

drag me to buying a dell dude

the nightmare on backstreet

the cabinet of dr. ben carson (scarier?)


the bare kitsch project

paranormal timidity

the wicker rattan

clear window

rosemary's scabies

carnival of bowls

the bad tweed

the cabin in the wholefoods

night of the forgiving dead

evil bread 2: bread by dawn

My "Meh" entries:

the nog

the wolf bran

the village of the scammed

the winning (duh)

little shop of menorah

28 days a waiter

I loved what you did



The Pit and the Conundrum

Calamityville Horror

The Hand That Rocks the Ladle

Grape Fear

Mirrors of the Wax Museum

Blair Catalog Project

The Wing

Godspella vs. Mothra

Get Gout!


I Married an Axe Sculptor


Kroeler Klowns from Outer Space

jason vs freddy vs the giant peach.

Godzilla vs. Coke Zero


The Mammy


Into the Wools

Interview with an Umpire

Swan Thing

Shapes on a Plane

Once Mitten, Twice Shy

Nose for Ito

Texas Chain Saw Repairer

Rocky Hoedown Picture Show

Stephen King's ShIt

A Wet Dream on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Sesame Street


Allen Resurrection

Allen vs Creditor

A Canadian Werewolf in London

Invasion of the Body Scratchers

Mid-afternoon, say three-ish, of the Living Dead

Primeval Dead

Rosemary's Babysitter

Se7en Dwarves

The Doggoned

The Fly-by-night

The Mueller Witch Project

The Outhouse of the Devil

The Texas Chainsaw Dealer
The Texas Chain Smoker

Pet Seminary



The Baba Ganoush


Drag Me to Helen

The Amen


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