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I've been watching a bunch of videos on youtube of famous people and philosophers quotes to help people, most of them are something about sex in the thumbnail to draw interest. So, this is going to be just bullshit philosophy quotes. Join if stricken to joineth thine. (I'll be talking like that a little.)

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A woman who cheats will do so again since her cheating cherry has been popped and she's now forever tainted with cheat cherry juice. Remember Cherry Poppin' Daddies? They sucked right? And that was a creepy name for a band. - Brian Setzer

A fool and his money will soon fart. Money farts when no ones around. - Alan Greenspan

Fear no bondage, for the mind can never be caged. - The GEICO Gecko

If you're unwillingly to consider the view point of your foes, then your viewing point is at your toes. - Dr. Seuss

If your husband negatively criticizes another woman at a party he means this earnestly, and totally isn't attracted to her. - Some Dude

Should you find yourself only in the company of enemies be honored they felt the need to collaborate. - Julius Caesar  

If you despair your lack of wages, remember there are places all around you where very little is more than enough. - Ronald McDonald

The best of us bring joy to the rest of us. - Friedrich Nietzsche

A quiet child is truly blessed. - The Catholic Church

When you have many questions beware those quickest to answer. - Me

The virus of hesitancy can spread faster and do more harm than any physical illness. - Qanon


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