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Maybe more of a rant than a topic but certainly we can discuss why one's up bringing certainly translates the defects later in life? I work for Home Depot trademarked in the paint department. Set the scene for the common customer. Jane/Joe sees an associate down a long aisle obviously because of the bright orange apron. Instead of walking up to the associate, begins to wave their hands or whistles or some other off beat attention grabber. Most often than not general public consumer wants things yesterday and leaves the decorum somewhere perhaps at home or in their vehicle. Oblivious to the associates hands full of product or talking with another customer beams at the associate wanting their undivided attention. Okay Jon /Jane public have you not been trained in society through grade school, grocery stores let alone stop signs and or traffic signals one waits for their turn? This is just one of many however the funniest is when Jon/Jane public runs at you full steam with their cellphone waving in the air with a raised voice, "can you find this?" Okay public everyone and their babies have phones guled to their eye sockets contestantly and forgets to download the HD app where the app not only describes where the product is located in the store but how many are available and what price? The last one is the greatest and do not be surprised if you yourselves do this too. walk up to an associate and ask, "where is this such and such item?" And get a reply, "good afternoon or good morning?" Jon/Jane public the simplest of greetings must not be forgotten in this world. Damn it people say hello! Thank you, not all of you are like this but common sense is you get a better response from people by being nice. Renga Corp it will be discussed on scenes which can be filmed at a later date.

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I forego a greeting most of the time in that situation at home improvement stores, but I'm not great with people. My thing is I just am walking and I see an employee and I'll barely pause in walking or speak before I get there and not stop walking at all and I'll go "I'm looking for (whatever)?" or "where could I find (whatever)?", that kind of thing. They tell me where to go, I give a thumbs up, say thanks and keep walking. I want shit to be as easy as possible for everyone. I would never go up and bother an employee while they had their hands full or were already helping customers, because I have a basic level of consideration for other human beings.

Since I read this I've made an effort to be even more polite than usual.  Mission accomplished Mr. G. 

(theoretical customer)  --- hey asshole, give me paint supply. unga bunga.

your problem is that you're dealing with people who are spending more than they are comfortable with to make a bedroom medium fuchsia.  personally, i'd pay good money to not have a bedroom painted medium fuchsia.  i might even be rude to an associate of a hardware store, and, were they not helpful ... i'd tell my spouse we can't paint the bedroom medium fuchsia because of that guy at the store.  

you're really letting us all down by helping us paint that bedroom medium fuchsia.

here's a tip, next time ask people:  would it be worth your while for me not to help you?

it's like a reverse protection racket: a deflection racket.

(also, paragraphs and commas help break up a long thought into parts, which can be read without exceptional effort.  try saying out loud what you type, and listen to how it sounds.  run on sentence extravaganza here, but i feel you mang.)


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