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Give me that sweet nonsense people!

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Whatever goes with it flows with it. (it's gots to be what it be)

No chomo's in my Volvo, Pedro! (you discovered through conversation that the hitch hiker you picked up is a pedophile)

Moon it and Poon it. (show me that brown and that pink)

Hit me with the smell good, Elwood. (I'd like to use your cologne)

If it ain't broke it soon will be. (the world is in decay)

I love the way her legs make feet of themselves.

Let's get it on like Don King Kong.

I'm tired. I'm gonna cut to the chaise.

Imma get some tonight. Imma be beatin a mound'a bush.

"i got a hole in my heart that can only be filled by fireworks"(tm).

"Um... pot, kettle, black, crackerjack."

if you aren't in it to win it, you're in it to rhyme with something.


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