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To create a Celebricon, one must use visual aids to create a phonetically similar sounding name of a famous human. You can't use a picture or likeness of the intended celebrity.

See the examples below:

Jim Carrey

Above we see a Gym being carried.  However unlikely, it does sound a whole lot like Jim Carrey.  Thus a Celebricon is born.  Below we see a Driver that is so small it could be called a Mini Driver:

Minnie Driver

Now that you're armed with the specific rules behind the Celebricon concept you can properly imagineer a new one.  We suspect there aren't many legit Celebricons left out there in the psycho-ether, so good hunting... (It's a brain exercise that increases blood flow to critical language and problem-solving tissue)

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My brain wants this to be a mint-vanilla flavored ice cream sandwich.

Jimmy Page

Red Skelton

Abe Lincoln

We updated the instructions to help everyone better understand what a Celebricon is.   This wouldn't qualify as one.  It's funny but not a Celebricon.

Anthony (Ant-honey) Weiner

Donald Trump


Please see the instructions.

Wolf Blitzer

Fantastic! It really puts the fear of Dog into you.

Neil Diamond


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