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The idea is this: 

A monthly caption contest where any member can buy in to play and the pot is split up between the winner and CW.

For instance, if the buy-in is $5 and 10 people play, the winner receives $25 and CW gets $25.

The only way to make it fair would be to have multiple judges that are not playing in the capcon.

And if we up the ante it could get interesting.  Or is it too subjective a thing to put money on?

Would it create conspiracy theorists and encourage people to cahoot?   I think it could work.   What's your take on the idea?

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I'm in... but you may as well prospectively transfer my ante directly to MacSpruce's account.  (I'm *that* confident!)

Doesn't really work for me, sorry. But in light of Frodoh's comment, maybe that's a good thing? 

I'd do it except I'd lose anonymity. :(

I'd do it, but you should only get one caption per picture.  You have to pick your best for consideration.  That would be tough for some of us.  ;-)


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