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"Google Earth camel ver 1.0 didn't work, so they found a Bedouin."  AKAAB

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"I think we're alone now..."

Lawrence of Surveilia


The Spice Channel


(Can we add the nested Reply to the regular Capcom contest now that we see it works?)

Slant runs the regular Capcom.  I'm not sure if he's into the reply thing or not.  You can always ask him, although I like it without the reply function because the list survives the test of time and allows new eyes to view the captions without bias.   Feel free to start your own using the forum.  I'll put whatever image you find on the homepage as well.

Allah Ackborg

They scrapped the mission, pictures were too grainy.

Achmed was not a very stealthy suicide bomber


When Achmed said he had a BoomBox, they wouldnt let him ride the bus anymore


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