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Dump Trump




Imagine That

Trump Dump

by MacSpruce And the A$$H0LE of the Year award goes to ....

We are Here.

by Ian

The Vision Thing (Animated GIF)

by MacSpruce The eyes are the windows of the soul .... (Click "View Full Size" to see the animation.)

Trump circus

by MacSpruce The clown of renown is coming to town for the lamest show on Earth.

My New Year's Resolution

by Frodoh . *1/4/2016

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I may not understand lesbian wedding ceremonies, but I still support their right to have them. - Mario!!!

blacklights in hotel rooms are even more gross -…

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Different Times



Brain Food

For my Dick

Add "for my dick" to the tail end of a movie name, book, song, saying, slogan etc.

The Asolute Worst Fairy Tales

Little Fred: Riding in the hood

Goldihawn and the three beers

Slow White


The idea is this: 

A monthly caption contest where any member can buy in to play and the pot is split up between the winner and CW.

For instance, if the buy-in is $5 and 10 people play, the winner receives $25 and CW gets $25.

The only way to make it fair would be to have multiple judges that are not playing in the capcon.

And if we up the ante it could get interesting.  Or is it too subjective a thing to put money on?

Would it create conspiracy theorists…

The top 10 worst songs ever

Change the words of a song and make it wrong.

I heard it through the carbine

Papa was a rolling stroke

Annual CapCon Results

"You're hired!"  Scrunt

His Bush looks more like a Clinton.  Rodney Dean

Hiding Trump's junk is a full time job for many people. mellowpuma

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